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So, here again

So, bought a couple more Japanese books, one is about living in Japan :) the other is a really good one about verbs and stuff, so I've been working in it. I've been thinking real hard on the laptop issue *some of you know this one* and I'm still deciding. I mean, I can get an Ibook here, which would let me have a better Japanese interface, but then again it wouldn't have the Japanese keyboard. So, I'm debating saving the money and buying one as soon as I get there or finding some other way. I mean, either way it would be better to have one from Japan (no matter what type) so I know it would work there, and if there were any problems I could take it to a store and they might be able to fix it. Oh well, I still have plenty of time to decide. I'll keep researching it. Got any suggestions? Leave them here then, ne?
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